Breaking Points: Free Movie and Panel Conversation at the Fairfield Theatre Company, March 19, 2018 | 7 PM - 8:30 PM
Why Kindness Matters


Kindness Matters is a movement of people who believe that everything we say and do makes a difference. Moment-to-moment, we can always choose kindness toward ourselves and others. We are on a mission to create content that children, parents, and educators can use to cultivate a culture of kindness at home, at school, in our communities, and online.

Core Values

Love yourself & appreciate your uniqueness
Look for the good in others & celebrate our differences
Trust yourself & your inner voice
Be brave & feel safe to speak up when something doesn't feel right
You are AWESOME the way you are!
Be a force for good - uplift and inspire everyone you come into contact with!

Kindness Excursions

At our local school in Fairfield, CT we treasure the opportunities to get out in the community to participate in purposefully acts of kindness that we call Kindness Excursions.  Below you will find some pictures we took during those excursions.